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Private edication

Ashton Rose Concierge is committed to providing you the finest service in business, leisure and most importantly, family matters. We understand that your family is of utmost importance and one of your highest priorities is the Education of your children. Ashton Rose has several years of experience in assisting with the private education of our clients’ children and dependents in the UK. Our aim is to cater to your requirements, firstly by helping you choose the very best school for your child. To help you with this important decision, our team

will provide you with extensive research on many institutions’ specialties, strengths, university pass rates and other valuable information. Once you have narrowed your choices, Ashton Rose will handle all the paperwork involved, including setting up entrance exams.  If you reside overseas your child may require a guardian.  Ashton Rose can appoint guardians, or if you would prefer a more personal touch, act as guardian for your child, giving you peace of mind that all of your child’s needs will be in the most caring and dedicated hands.